Success of Car Seat Safety Event on National Car Seat Check Saturday

Stephens Media Group is extending heartfelt gratitude to all who participated in the Car Seat Safety Event on September 23rd, coinciding with National Car Seat Check Saturday. Hosted at The Assembly Church, this event was a pivotal community gathering focusing on the enhancement of child safety within our community.

Event’s Importance and Response to Data

The event was orchestrated in reaction to the startling statistics about car seat safety, shining a spotlight on the imperative nature of correct car seat installation and proper use. It aimed to provide hands-on learning experiences to mitigate the risks associated with incorrect car seat installations and use, thereby contributing to reducing child injuries and fatalities in motor vehicle accidents.

Heartfelt Thanks to Sponsors and Host

Enormous thanks are due to our esteemed sponsors: Communihealth, Citizen’s Progressive Bank, and Creed & Creed. Their generosity and commitment to community welfare were instrumental in making this event possible and successful.

We are equally grateful to The Assembly Church in West Monroe for offering a conducive and welcoming environment, facilitating fruitful interactions and learning experiences for all attendees.

Appreciation for Local Agencies’ Support

A special acknowledgment is reserved for the West Monroe Police Department, The Louisiana State Police, The Louisiana Department of Health, and the West Monroe Fire Department. Their expertise and practical demonstrations played a crucial role in reinforcing the community’s understanding and skills in car seat safety.

DJ Engagement and Community Interaction

John Runyan, Mike Carson, and T-Lay, our vivacious DJs, infused the event with energy and entertainment, facilitating community engagement and creating a friendly, interactive atmosphere.

Ongoing Awareness and Learning

The event was not just a one-day affair but a stepping stone in fostering ongoing safety awareness within our community. The widespread misuse of car seats underscores the importance of continual learning and adherence to safety protocols.

For additional insights and guidelines on car seat safety and correct installation, we encourage everyone to explore NHTSA’s car seat safety page. This resource offers extensive information and tips on choosing the right car seat, installation procedures, and safety practices.

Stephens Media Group’s Continued Commitment

Stephens Media Group remains steadfast in its mission to contribute to community empowerment and enhancement of safety awareness. We are looking forward to organizing more initiatives aimed at community well-being and development.

Stay informed about upcoming community events and initiatives by tuning into Rock 106, Sunny 98.3, The Wolf 92.3, or Now 103.

Concluding Thoughts

In closing, let’s persist in prioritizing the safety of our children and stay proactive in acquiring knowledge about best safety practices. The Car Seat Safety Event on National Car Seat Check Saturday was a substantial stride in community enlightenment, and we extend our deepest thanks to everyone who participated, supported, and contributed to making it a resounding success!